Monday, August 20, 2007

Skype became the victim of quantum physics rules

Isn't it beautiful? Windows Users Caused Skype Outage - TechCrunch page said.

Before skipping my page to the respectful link I placed above, listen to my explanation:

Quantum physics says that such things are quite really possible. For example, ball can jump without force being applied to it. Why? I can explain. As you know, everything consist of atoms. They are swinging around their respective positions. So, if all atoms of the ball accidentally go in the same direction, at the same moment of time -- ball will jump just by accident! However, there's nothing accident in the Universe, but let's skip it for simplicity.

Skype's outage is nothing else as natural consequence of quantum physics rules.

Because users like atoms. All users were reloading their machines after regular Windows update. Skype went out. Singularity. Apocalypse. Y2K.

What do you think, will Skype file a lawsuit against Microsoft?

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