Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some unadvertised aspects of Skype activity

Major Skype outage that happened few days ago brought me to some thoughts on Skype behavior.

Interesting thing is that I noticed some problems with the Skype just before its outage. I use local Apache Server and Skype conflicts with it because possesses on the port 80th which is used by Apache too. So when I was trying to start my Apache, I failed until changed Apache's port to something different like 8080.

Has anyone had such problems with the Skype as I depicted above?

Then, AS far as I know, Skype works like distributed self-organized peer-to-peer network, P2P. Remember, the creators of Skype also are the authors of Kazaa.

Hackers from all over the world very careful about Skype, due to its "Black Magic Art" programming style, very advanced and complicated.

There’s some interesting articles on this subject, e.g. "Skype Trojan" [pdf] by Walter Sprenger, or "Skype Reads Your BIOS and Motherboard Serial Number".

So I won’t be surprised if this outage "software problem" will be later recognized as hacker attack to the / through the Skype which was blocked by Skype maintainers on time to prevent the crisis.

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