Friday, January 5, 2007

The Idea of Anti Spam Business (changed)

The main idea of Anti Spam Business is very simple. It is all about creation popular and profitable websites. It is for people seeking for relevant ideas of optimized content sites. To get visitors you must create website which monitors popular problem and this is soft search engine optimization. You must know about what problems are popular to write about them.

But how to know about popular problems without wasting time in keywords analysis?

The solution is simple. You can get this knowledge easily from spam emails and blog comments (if you have got the blog already and it is being spammed). So you get topics from your spam and convert them to content sites.

This idea will work for everyone because every person receives a tons of spam emails and email spammers are pretty alert to monitor trends. It is not about viagra/phentermine but it is about fresh ideas for content sites.

The best part of it is you are getting profit from thing which annoys you!

The worst part is you'll love spam ;-)

Concept has changed. Go here to spamadol for continue.

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