Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No vi@9ra, just harmonizing your PC!

As I mentioned in the "The Idea of Anti Spam Business" post, it is possible to make money from spam emails by getting the relevant content idea from them. Of course, I mean finding out fresh and constructive ideas but not over-using annoying ones like phentermine advertisement.

Sometimes you must dig your spam email deeply to discover the really interesting idea among the crowd of old crap. For example, one of the last spam emails I've got today is trying to sell me the PC Harmonizer. There's not very much of search results on this topic: 91,800 at this monent. And only 4 results for exact "PC Harmonizer" phrase. So this area is pretty free to fill with content. At this moment Google knows only 2 pages about harmonizing your PC:

  1. PC Harmonizer - Reduces the damaging effects of radiation from your computer by 95-98%
  2. PC Harmonizer at the SCIO Norge webshop

And the first page just leads to second. So there's a lot of free money to earn!

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